Archery District longbow selection.

  • Archery District LongbowArchery District Longbow

    Archery District Longbow

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    The Archery District Longbow is an entry level longbow recommended for everyone who is just starting out in archery. Longbows are suitable for beginner archers since they are more forgiving and easier to shoot. Longbows generally have limbs that are harder to torque when pulling back the string due to the thickness of the bow. The length of the bow allows less pinching on the fingers when the bow is drawn back and released. Durable and designed to last long, this 30lb three piece longbow is suitable for most adults. Performs well in indoor & outdoor archery, both in field archery and recreational archery games. Most Recommended. High Demand Volume. Limit 1 Per Order. While Quantities Last.

    What is included?

    • 🎯Riser x 1
    • 🎯Limb x 2
    • 🎯String x 1
    • 🎯Spanner x 1
    • 🎯BONUS Target x 1
    • 🎯FREE E-book x 1

    Archery District Longbow