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Use your bow & foam-tipped arrows to shoot opposing players and targets to win the game. Obstacles are set on both sides of the field and teams must strategize a plan to take out the opponent. Players rush to the center of the field to retrieve arrows at the start of each game and can only hold one arrow at a time. Each game of archery tag can go up to 10 minutes and consist anywhere between 2 to 20 players.

There are 3 ways to win a game:
1. Knock out all five target pieces of the opposing side
2. Disqualify the opponent by tagging out all opposing players
3. Accumulate more points than the opponent when the time limit reaches zero

Depending on the gamemode, there could be different rules and other ways to win the game.

Tagged Players

When a player is hit by an arrow from the opposing side, he/she is tagged out and must stand on the side lines.

The following counts as a hit:

  • o Head shot
  • o Bow shot
  • o Arrow shot
  • o Body shot

The following does not count as a hit:

  • o Ricochet or rebound shots
  • o Getting shot while inside the safe zone

Depending on the gamemode, getting hit by an arrow will have different consequences.


Provided during the game
o Official Archery Tag bows and “non-lethal” safety patented foam-tipped arrows
o Face Masks
o Bunkers & Targets
o Armguards

What to Bring
o Athletic clothing
o Clean pair of shoes
o Piece of government issued ID
o Lock (optional)
o Personal mask (optional)


A 10-foot area in the middle of the field, known as the safe zone, separates the arena into two equal sides. Players may enter this area only to retrieve arrows and can only stay inside for a maximum of 5 seconds. Players are not allowed to shoot other players in the safe zone and no one is allowed to shoot while standing inside the safe zone. No player is allowed to cross beyond the safe zone to reach the opposing side. The safe zone is a key element consistent throughout all gamemodes.


If a teammate catches an arrow or shoots out one of the five spot target pieces, an eliminated player on your team will revive and re-enter the match. Players re-enter the match in the order they were eliminated. Depending on the gamemode, catching an arrow and shooting a target piece may have different effects.

Team Building

Archery Tag is a fun team-based activity that is best played with friends, relative, colleagues, and large groups of people. Communicate and work together cohesively as a team to best your opponent. Different gamemodes challenge players in unique ways and help build self-confidence, promote communication, and improve teamwork skills. You can also choose to compete with each other by joining different sides in order to shoot your friends!


Archery District is Canada’s first and most popular original archery tag facility to experience the thrill of shooting friends, family, and co-workers with a bow & arrow. Our goal is to revolutionize archery tag as a sport, as well as promote a healthy active lifestyle in today’s society.

Archery District delivers a state-of-the-art interactive environment with innovative gameplay and superior customer service across multiple locations throughout Canada. Archery District is also the first to implement the original League system and is home to competitive archery tag players worldwide.


1. NEVER take off your safety mask while inside the arena.
2. NEVER dry fire the bow (shooting the bow without an arrow).
3. NEVER shoot a broken arrow or one without a foam tip.
4. NEVER shoot arrows at someone from point-blank range or in the safety zone.
5. NEVER throw equipment or use them to obstruct arrows.
6. ALWAYS follow the instructions of the Referee and Instructor.
7. ALWAYS keep shoes on.
8. ALWAYS remove any loose articles before entering the arena.
9. ALWAYS use common sense.


Archery Tag is a team-based combat archery game played with safety patented foam-tipped arrows. It combines elements from paintball, dodgeball, and traditional archery, making it an one-of-a-kind experience. Archery District is the official Archery Tag chain in Canada.


Canada’s Original Archery Tag Experience

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