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Archery District Terms & Conditions

Our standard terms and conditions of entry apply to bookings and tickets purchased on the facility.

Please note that our terms and conditions do state that for operational, technical, safety or any other reason any advertised exhibit, attraction or any of the facilities on site may be closed, removed, altered or otherwise unavailable at any time. Archery District reserves the right to alter or cancel any show time or other event without notice.

Requests for refunds will be considered if submitted in writing on an individual basis and only if authorised by the General Manager.

Terms and Conditions
Bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable and accordingly may not be sold or passed to any third party.

It is the Bookings Visitor’s responsibility to check prior to purchase that the information supplied in respect of the Bookings is accurate. If inaccurate information is supplied this may result in additional charges or voiding of the Bookings.

Discount vouchers, promotional coupons or other offers cannot be used in conjunction with Bookings. Please note: this does not apply to online discount tickets purchased from the official Archery District website.

A booking charge is applied to all Bookings purchases.

A valid Bookings must be produced upon arrival prior to entering Archery District.

Bookings must be clearly legible and relinquished upon entry.

The rides and attractions are open until November 1st 2015. During this time the management of Archery District will attempt to ensure that as many rides and attractions as possible are open for use by guests. However Archery District reserves the right to alter or change the programme of rides and attractions if at any time it is deemed necessary to do so. Height and all other ride restrictions still apply.

Bookings (Excluding 2 day tickets) are valid for one single use during a six month period from the date of purchase except where online discount tickets / online promotional offers state otherwise. Bookings are no longer valid if unused during the 6 month validity period. No refund will be given on expired Bookings. The period of validity cannot be extended.

Tickets are not transferrable and must be used by the same person for both visits. ID may be required to confirm this.

Archery District reserves the right to alter admission prices and opening times without notice.

Visitors should be aware that there may be school groups in the attraction during a visit.

Archery District reserves the right to refuse admission, or to remove any visitor whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate by Archery District staff. No refund will be given.

Enjoy your visit to Archery District!