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In a post-apocalyptic world, survivors of the Nuclear War struggle constantly to obtain the last remaining food supplies and resources.

With a shortage of ammunition and machinery, society has reverted back to a more primitive state, relying on the bow & arrow as the primary weapon for combat. To preserve the habitable area that is left, districts have agreed to settle their disputes in the annual tournament known as Arkem’s Arrow.


The Virulent district is located in the heart of post-apocalyptic Toronto aka Scarborough. Once an advanced prosperous society, now abandoned and overgrown after an airborne pathogen outbreak. The few that managed to survive now struggle to maintain human life by scavenging and nurturing the young generations. Even in toxic times, Virulians stay on the grind.


The frigid arctic conditions of Mississauga is home to an isolated tribe of Subzerion elites. With their superior survival instincts, they have discovered a concoction to maintain perfect body temperature even in the coldest of tundra, also known as Beer. In temperatures most people would stay inside to Netflix and chill, the Subzerions train endlessly to protect their precious natural resources and fend off intruders. Polluting Subzerion waters is a no-no because they’ll find you and go loco.


In the Hydra district to the East, an elusive and cunning clan rules the lush exotic forests of Laval. They are the hunter’s hunters and only interfere when their environment and wildlife are being threatened. At one with mother nature, their ability to navigate the landscape allows them to persevere in the wilderness. Swift like the St. Laurent river, the people of Hydra shoot quicker after a shot of liquor.